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Ratoath Junior National School
Ratoath Junior National School
Principal Ms. Miriam Fox
Tel 01-8256639
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In 1884 Catherine Keogh, wife of John Keogh, a distinguished member of the Catholic Relief Committee, gave a site for a school in Ratoath. this is the site of the present school. An additional half acre was acquired in 1956. The present field was bought in 1977/78.

The original building had two classrooms and cost £370 to build. This building was replaced in 1911.

In 1963 the building was extended when a further two classrooms were added to the school. The School was names after Fr. Everard in recognition of his generosity as he build the 1911 school out of his own personal funds.

the school was further extended in 1977/78 when two classrooms and a GP room were built. One year later the GP room was converted into a classroom.

Another extension comprising 6 classrooms and a new GP room was built in 1996/97.

Ratoath Junior National School came into being on 1st September 2005 when Ratoath Mixed National School split into Junior and Senior Schools.

The school is situated on the Fairyhouse Road Just outside the village of Ratoath.

The population of Ratoath has expanded rapidly over the last 10 years and this necessitated the split into Junior and Senior schools with the Junior School remaining in the old building and the Senior School moving into a new Building on the same site.

In the Summer of 2010 Ratoath Junior School got 10 new classrooms and the oldest part of the building was refurbished. This means that we have 20 classrooms and an enrolment of 500 pupils approximately.

At the present there are 27 Teachers, 7 SNAs, a caretaker and secretary in the school.


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