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Parish of Ratoath
The parish proper comprises of the following townlands: Balfestown, Ballybin Minor, Ballyhack,  Bradystown, Brownstown, Cabinhill, Cheeverstown, Commons, Curkeen, Darthogue, Elgerstown, Fidorfe, Flemingstown, Glascarn, Grange, Gunstown, Harlockstown, Jamestown, Kilrue, Lagore Big, and Lagore Little, Legagunnia, Loughlinstown, Mooretown, Mullinam, Newtown, Paddock, Peacockstown, Rackinstown, Rathcool, Ratoath, Raystown, Tankardstown, and Twenty-park.Townlands are peculiar to Ireland and how they originated is uncertain. Hence to define a place in Ireland we say it is “ in the townland of -, in the parish of -, in the county of - ,”.

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