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Basket Collectors, Counters & Envelope Collectors

The basket collectors are a group of parishioners who assist with the collection at the weekend Masses, and the envelope collectors assist with the collection of the parish development fund envelopes.

A group of four people record and bank the money collected at the Masses.

Parish Finance Committee

This committee consists of 7 members whose term of office is four years. The parish finance committee is responsible for overseeing the finances of the parish. At their meetings they review the income and expenditure of the parish. They oversee the general and development work in the parish and make recommendations on spending and implementation of projects. They monitor the annual distribution of the parish envelopes and they prepare an annual statement, which is presented to parishioners at Masses on a designated Sunday

The current committee are

  • Michael McCann
  • Mary McCormack
  • Joe Sheeran
  • Michael Bradley
  • Yvonne Ralph
  • Fr Gerry Stuart
  • Fr Brendan Ludlow

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