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Parish Bulletin 17th January 2016

Holy Trinity Church, Ratoath

              17 January 2016

        01 8256207


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Opening hours for the Parish Office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 9.30a.m. – 4.00p.m.

Eucharistic Adoration: Wednesdays 10:00 a.m. until10.00 pm

Please pray for Brigid Moran (London) sister of PJ Moran (Park View)May she rest in peace.

17 Jan

     Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

24 Jan

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

7. 7.00pm             

Sean O’Connor (Months Memory)

Tiney Gorman

Carmel O’Connell

7.  7.00pm

Dorothea Mates; Maurice Keogh;

Hugh Muldoon & deceased members of the family

9. 9.00am

Dympna Mills; Catherine Brady

1  9.00am

Deceased members of the Kavanagh Family

1  11.00am    

Tommy & Bridie Dolan & deceased

members of the family

Pat & Mary Reilly; Noel Walsh

1  11.00am

Edward McKeown

Manuel Santillan

Peter Whelan & Peter Colin Whelan


Willie Carey

Evelyn Carey Cullen

1  12.15pm

Patrick & Masie Kennedy


Monday: Special Intention  Tuesday: Sean Fitzpatrick & Fran Smith   Saturday: 11:00 Ratoath Manor

Meath Diocesan Pilgrimage to Rome for the Year of Mercy: August 19th – 27th (including Angelus with Pope Francis, Visits to Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Catacombs, Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona and the Major Basilicas. Day trips to Assisi and Subiaco). Accommodation will be at the Irish College. Reservations: Mullingar Travel @ 044-9340587

Enrolment for Rathbeggan National School for September 2016. There are still places available for our Junior Infant class in September 2016.  Parents may register their interest in enrolling their child in Rathbeggan N.S. by contacting the school at 01-8259891 or by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before the end of January.

GAA Lotto results: no’s drawn: 7,15,18,20 no jackpot winner.
Men’s Shed: Next meeting 19th January in the Parish Centre at 11.00am. New members welcome
Ratoath St Vincent de Paul thanks everyone who gave so generously to their annual collection; all the local schools, shops and beaver groups who donated toys and food and everyone who helped with the collections especially the Transition Year students of Ratoath College. 
Computer, Tablet & Smartphone classes: are now available from Meath Partnership for beginners and improvers in various locations throughout Meath for those aged over 55. IT Training is also being provided for jobseekers who would like to improve their skills and prospects for entering employment. For more information please contact Tatiana or Colin on 046 9280 790
Do you want to help children reach their potential? Barnardos is looking for adults aged 55 years and older for a volunteer reading programme for primary schools based in Finglas, Dublin 11. Volunteers will provide one-to-one reading sessions to children in 1st and 2nd class, 2 or 3 times a week with 2 children on each visit (scheduled during primary school hours). For more information contact Suzanne Connolly on 01 7080431 or email 
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Pope Francis Message for World Day for Migrants and Refugees 2016
In our time, migration is growing worldwide... victims of violence and poverty, leaving their homelands, are exploited by human traffickers during their journey towards the dream of a better future. If they survive the abuses and hardships of the journey, they then have to face latent suspicions and fear. In the end, they frequently encounter a lack of clear and practical policies regulating the acceptance of migrants and providing for short or long term programmes of integration respectful of the rights and duties of all. Today, more than in the past, the Gospel of mercy troubles our consciences, prevents us from taking the suffering of others for granted... The tragic stories of millions of men and women daily confront the international community as a result of the outbreak of unacceptable humanitarian crises in different parts of the world. Indifference and silence lead to complicity whenever we stand by as people are dying of suffocation, starvation, violence and shipwreck. Whether large or small in scale, these are always tragedies, even when a single human life is lost... Migrants are our brothers and sisters in search of a better life, far away from poverty, hunger, exploitation and the unjust distribution of the planet’s resources which are meant to be equitably shared by all. Don’t we all want a better, more decent and prosperous life to share with our loved ones?
...How can we experience these changes not as obstacles to genuine development, rather as opportunities for genuine human, social and spiritual growth, a growth which respects and promotes those values ​​which make us ever more humane and help us to live a balanced relationship with God, others and creation? The presence of migrants and refugees seriously challenges the various societies which accept them. Those societies are faced with new situations which could create serious hardship unless they are suitably managed and regulated. How can we ensure that integration will become mutual enrichment, open up positive perspectives to communities, and prevent the danger of discrimination, racism, extreme nationalism or xenophobia? Faced with these issues, how can the Church fail to be inspired by the example and words of Jesus Christ? The answer of the Gospel is mercy... Concern for fostering good relationships with others and the ability to overcome prejudice and fear are essential ingredients for promoting the culture of encounter, in which we are not only prepared to give, but also to receive from others. Hospitality, in fact, grows from both giving and receiving.
From this perspective, it is important to view migrants not only on the basis of their status as regular or irregular, but above all as people whose dignity is to be protected and who are capable of contributing to progress and the general welfare. This is especially the case when they responsibly assume their obligations towards those who receive them, gratefully respecting the material and spiritual heritage of the host country, obeying its laws and helping with its needs. Migrations cannot be reduced merely to their political and legislative aspects, their economic implications and the concrete coexistence of various cultures in one territory. All these complement the defence and promotion of the human person, the culture of encounter, and the unity of peoples, where the Gospel of mercy inspires and encourages ways of renewing and transforming the whole of humanity.
The Church stands at the side of all who work to defend each person’s right to live with dignity, first and foremost by exercising the right not to emigrate and to contribute to the development of one’s country of origin. This process should include, from the outset, the need to assist the countries which migrants and refugees leave. This will demonstrate that solidarity, cooperation, international interdependence and the equitable distribution of the earth’s goods are essential for more decisive efforts, especially in areas where migration movements begin, to eliminate those imbalances which lead people, individually or collectively, to abandon their own natural and cultural environment. In any case, it is necessary to avert, if possible at the earliest stages, the flight of refugees and departures as a result of poverty, violence and persecution...
No one can claim to be indifferent in the face of new forms of slavery imposed by criminal organizations which buy and sell men, women and children as forced labourers in construction, agriculture, fishing or in other markets. How many minors are still forced to fight in militias as child soldiers! How many people are victims of organ trafficking, forced begging and sexual exploitation! Today’s refugees are fleeing from these aberrant crimes, and they appeal to the Church and the human community to ensure that, in the outstretched hand of those who receive them, they can see the face of the Lord, “the Father of mercies and God of all consolation”.

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