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Parish Bulletin 15th June 2014

Holy Trinity Church, Ratoath

15 June 2014

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Opening hours for the Parish Office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9.30am– 4.00pm





Priest on Duty: Fr Brendan 
Congratulations to  Kyle Mannering (Foxlodge Woods), Grace Hynes (Steeplechase Green) and      Fionn Curley (Hollystown) who were baptised recently.
Please pray for Kathleen Mulhaire (Trim) sister of Anne Ryan, Noel, John, Bill and Jim Eiffe. May she rest in peace.  
Congratulations to Melanie Reeves and Ian Turner who were married during the week.
Envelope Collection for the weeks ending 25th May, 1st & 8th June €2,716.84
Many thanks for your continued support and generosity. 
This Sunday is a blue offering day.
Eucharistic Adoration every Wednesday from 10.00am to 10.00pm in the family room of the church.
A meeting of the Parish Finance Committee will be held on Wednesday evening 18th June at 8.00pm in the Parish Pastoral Centre.
Second Annual Pilgrimage to Knock of the Apostolate of Eucharistic Adoration on Sunday 22nd June. 11.00am – 5.00pm. To book a seat on a bus contact Catherine Hanley on 086 3325740 
The Annual Mass of St. Oliver Plunkett is in Loughcrew, Oldcastle on Sunday 29th June at 3.00pm
Lough Derg: God’s healing grace is experienced on Lough Derg in an intensity seldom encountered elsewhere. Daily boats to the Island from 10.30am until 3.00pm, seven days a week until 13th August. No booking necessary. Contact Maureen or Sharon on 0719861518 or Email 
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Alzheimer's Support Group will meet on Wednesday, June 18th at The Venue, Ratoath at 8pm. Carers and families of those suffering from Dementia welcome.
Archaeological and Historical Society talk and walkabout the village of Summerhill on Sunday 22nd June with Caroline Kane. Assemble at Shaw's Pub at 2.30pm. All welcome. J. Clancy 01 8259438

1  15 June

     Trinity Sunday

2  22 June

     Corpus Christi

7. 7.00pm             

Deceased members of the Shevlin & Joyce families

7.  7.00pm

Martin McLoughlin

1  9.00am    

Dan Moore

1   9.00am

Mary, James & Pud O’Neill

1  11.00am    

Thomas & Margaret Campbell & deceased members of the family.      

1   11.00am

Cathal Dunlop

Kathleen Kenny

1  12.15pm    

Paddy Dolan (Month’s Memory)

Paddy O’Connor & Maria O’Connor Howard;  Henry, Gladys & George Campbell & deceased members of the O’Connor & Campbell families

1  12.15pm 

Kevin White



Monday         Brigid & John Eiffe                                    Tuesday       Christopher & Kathleen Harford

Wednesday    John, Kathleen & Robert Murray                        Saturday      No morning Mass

“Invocation of Peace” by Pope Francis last Sunday in the Vatican Gardens in the presence of the President Shimon Peres of Israel and President Mahmoud Abbad of Palestine

Dear Presidents, our world is a legacy bequeathed to us from past generations, but it is also on loan to us from our children: our children who are weary, worn out by conflicts and yearning for the dawn of peace, our children who plead with us to tear down the walls of enmity and to set out on the path of dialogue and peace, so that love and friendship will prevail.                                        Many, all too many, of those children have been innocent victims of war and violence, saplings cut down at the height of their promise. It is our duty to ensure that their sacrifice is not in vain. The memory of these children instils in us the courage of peace, the strength to persevere undaunted in dialogue, the patience to weave, day by day, an ever more robust fabric of respectful and peaceful coexistence, for the glory of God and the good of all.                                                                Peacemaking calls for courage, much more so than warfare. It calls for the courage to say yes to encounter and no to conflict: yes to dialogue and no to violence; yes to negotiations and no to hostilities; yes to respect for agreements and no to acts of provocation; yes to sincerity and no to duplicity. All of this takes courage, it takes strength and tenacity.                                                   History teaches that our strength alone does not suffice. More than once we have been on the verge of peace, but the evil one, employing a variety of means, has succeeded in blocking it. That is why we are here, because we know and we believe that we need the help of God. We do not renounce our responsibilities, but we do call upon God in an act of supreme responsibility before our consciences and before our peoples. We have heard a summons, and we must respond. It is the summons to break the spiral of hatred and violence, and to break it by one word alone: the word "brother". But to be able to utter this word we have to lift our eyes to heaven and acknowledge one another as children of one Father."

************************************************************************************************                    Call for 'fair play' for poor as World Cup kicks off

With the World Cup kicking off last Thursday  representatives of the Catholic Church in Germany and Brazil have given the Brazilian government “Ten Rules for fair play and justice for all”.

The action for the 2014 World Cup by the Catholic Church in Germany, the National Conference of bishops of Brazil  and the Conference of Religious of Brazil  is called “Steilpass”. In football jargon that means to score goals.

The 10 rules include: the need to create decent work for all; access to a complete public education; ensure democratic justice; rural and agrarian reforms in an equitable manner; democratic media; promote and protect young people from violence; preserve the cultural diversity of the peoples; fight corruption and ensure transparency; and undertake initiatives to promote social commitment of citizens; health care for all.

Through “Steilpass” they want to respond to the social problems expressed in several demonstrations carried out recently in Brazil. While there have been many protests about how the poor and workers have been treated in the construction phase of the World Cup, there has also been a focus on the “obscene” deals around the competition which benefit big business rather than the people of Brazil.  While Brazil is already one of the most unequal countries in the world, it is suggested that the millions that FIFA demands for its sponsors should be used for the benefit of Brazil’s many poor communities, not to enrich the already powerful.                                                                         The Archbishop of Rio, Cardinal Orani Tempesta, has said that , “the world we desire is one in which people live a dignified life and are free to live in a way where they do not feel threatened because of the way they think, their religion, their ideas or their illnesses.” He added, “knowledge, fraternity and love of one’s neighbour makes all the difference.”


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