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Parish Bulletin 1st June 2014

Holy Trinity Church, Ratoath

1 June 2014

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Opening hours for the Parish Office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9.30am– 4.00pm





Priest on Duty: Fr Brendan 
Congratulations to Ryan Fahy (Steeplechase Green), Elise Watsham (Woodlands) 
and Jessica Flemming (Moatlands) who were baptised recently
Cemetery Sunday . We thank all our parishioners who attended to their family plots in the past few weeks in preparation for Cemetery Sunday on 25th May and we express our special thanks to Tony and Alan who look after the cemetery all the year around and had it looking so well for Cemetery Sunday.
The sick and the housebound will be attended to in their homes on Friday of this week.
Legion of Mary Annual Retreat: Sunday 8th June 10am to 5pm in Trim Church with Mass at 4pm Everyone  welcome. Contact May at 825 0139 Mob: 087-133 4872
Ceili at the Crossroads in memory of Kieron King at The Forge Restaurant, Carnaross, Kells on Sunday 1st June, starts at 2 pm, Irish dance , ceili , set dance , tractor run and more , BBQ all day,  kids free entry , adult €10 . In aid of M.S Therapy Centre Trim & S.V.D.P Meath.


The Cruicetown Cemetery Conservation Committee, Nobber Co Meath is nearing completion of a thorough list of burials in the graveyard. The committee would like to make contact with families and relatives of people interred in Cruicetown Cemetery.  Committee members, as part of their research, are checking burial records in Nobber and neighbouring parishes and have researched the cemetery’s history. To contact the group email 
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
 , phone Oliver Ward Secretary 086 33 22 821


The Irish Cancer Society is offering a free transport service to patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments in the following hospitals – the Mater; Tullamore; Blanchardstown; St. James’s & Tallaght. For more information, patients can contact their treatment team in the hospital or call Gail on 01 2310 566

1  01 June

     Ascension of the Lord

2  08 June

     Pentecost Sunday

7. 7.00pm             

Ellen Whyte (Months Mind)

Bridget & Ann Reilly & Angelo Whyte     Paddy & Mary Walsh & deceased

members of the family

7.  7.00pm

John, Christina & Lily O’Connor

1  9.00am    


1   9.00am


1  11.00am    

Andy & Sean Eiffe

Frank Mason

1   11.00am

Jack & Billy Byrne & the deceased members    of the family

1  12.15pm    

Gerard Ralph (Months Mind)

Joseph & Mary White

1  12.15pm 

David Colfer & Aidan O’Brien

& Alicia & Tommy O’Beirne


Monday   Brendan & Eileen Boylan & Edna O’Gorman (Mass in the Nursing Home at 11.00am)

Tuesday          Special Intention                                   Wednesday    Special Intention       

Thursday        Special Intention

Friday             Mass for all those on the Parish List of the Dead

Saturday         No morning Mass 



Excerpt from the Homily of Pope Francis in Bethlehem last Sunday

 “There will be a sign for you: you will find a child wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger”( Luke 2:12)  

The child Jesus, born in Bethlehem, is a sing given by God to those who awaited salvation, and he remains forever the sigh of God’s tenderness and presence in the world. The angel announces to the shepherds “This will be a sign for you: you will find a child...”

Today too, children are a sign. They are a sign of hope, a sign of life, but also a “diagnostic” sign, a marker indicating the health of families, society and the entire world. Wherever children are accepted, loved, cared for and protected, the family is healthy, society is more healthy and world is more human. Here we can think of work carried out by the Paul V1 institute for hearing and speech impaired Palestinian children: it is a very real sign of God’s goodness. It is a clear sign that society is healthier.

To us, men and women of the 21st century, God today also says: “This will be a sign for you”, look to the child.... The child of Bethlehem is frail, like all newborn children. He cannot speak and yet he is the Word made flesh who came to transform the hearts and lives of all men and women. This Child, like every other child, is vulnerable; he needs to be accepted and protected. Today too, children need to be welcomed and defended, from the moment of their conception.

Sadly, in this world, with all its highly developed technology, great numbers of children continue to live in inhuman situations, on the fringes of society, in the peripheries of great cities and in the countryside. All too many children continue to be exploited, maltreated, enslaved, prey to violence and illicit trafficking. Still too many children live in exile, as refugees, at times lost at sea, particularly in the waters of the Mediterranean. Today, in acknowledging this, we feel shame before God, before God who became a child.

And we have to ask ourselves: Who are we, as we stand before the Child Jesus? Who are we, standing as we stand before today’s children? Are we like Mary and Joseph, who welcomed Jesus and care for him with the love of a father and a mother? Or are we like Herod, who wanted to eliminate him? Are we like the shepherds, who went in haste to kneel before him in worship and offer him their humble gifts? Or are we indifferent? Are we perhaps people who use fine and pious words, yet exploit pictures of poor children in order to make money? Are we ready to be there for children, to “waste time” with them? Are we ready to listen to them, to pray for them and with them”. Or do we ignore them because we are too caught up in our own affairs?

“This will be a sign for us: you will find a child...” perhaps that little boy or girl is crying. He is crying because he is hungry, because she is cold, because he or she wants to be picked up and held in our arms..Today too, children are crying , they are crying a lot, and their crying challenges us. In a world which daily discards tons of food and medicine there are children, hungry and suffering from easily curable diseases, who cry out in vain. In an age which insists on the protection of minors, there is a flourishing trade in weapons which end up in the hands of child-soldiers, there is a ready market for goods produced by the slave labour of small children. Their cry is stifled: the cry of these children is stifled. They must fight, they must work, they cannot cry! But their mothers cry for them, as modern-day Rachels: they weep for their children and they refuse to be consoled.

“This will be a sign for us: you will find a child...” the child Jesus, born in Bethlehem, every child who is born and grows up in every part of our world, is a diagnostic sing indicating the state of health of our families, our communities, our nation. Such a frank and honest diagnosis can lead us to a new kind of lifestyle where our relationships are no longer marked by conflict, oppression and consumerism, but fraternity, forgiveness and reconciliation, solidarity and love.



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