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Parish Bulletin 5th January 2014

Holy Trinity Church, Ratoath

5 January 2014

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Opening hours for the Parish Office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9.30am– 4.00pm




Priest on Duty: Fr. Gerry 
Congratulations to Alana Kane (Steeplechase Green), Rian Fahy (Porterstown Lane), 
Mia Eccles (Coill Beag) and Michael O’ Sullivan (Somerville) who were baptised recently.
Congratulations to Gillian Peppard and Robert Flinter who were married during the week.
Monday is the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord. It is a holy day of obligation and Masses are at 11.00am and 7.00pm

A meeting for parents who have children for baptism in the near future will take place the Parish Pastoral Centre on Wednesday 8th January at 8.00pm  

Envelope Collection for the week ending 29th December €1,227.71 Many thanks for your continued support and generosity.  Whenwriting chequesfor the White Envelope Collection please make it out to “Ratoath Parochial Development Fund” as the bank will no longer accept any other name. When writing cheques for the Blue envelopes please make it out to “Ratoath Church”.


1  5 Jan

S   Second Sunday of Christmas

5   12 Jan

S   The Baptism of the Lord

7. 7.00pm

R  Noel & Theresa Scally

    Patrick & Catherine O’Brien

    Christina & Christy Rooney

    Nina Madden

7.  7.00pm

    Gerard Liebrechts

    Michael & Aileen Conway


1   9.00am    

F  Alice Quigley

1   9.00am

Cyril Brennan

1  11.00am    

F   Eileen Flinter

1  11.00am

F   Elizabeth, Christina & Christy Nulty & Lily         

     Cullen and deceased members of the family

1  12.15pm    

F  Michael Eiffe & Brian Brazil

S  Seamus Reilly

1  12.15pm

F   Denis & Una McLoughlin

     Declan Hoare



                  Monday                        Masses at 11.00am and 7.00pm

                  Saturday          Mass at 11.00am in the Nursing Home


The Prefecture of the Papal Household has reported that during 2013, since his election on 13 March, more than 6,600,000 faithful participated in the various encounters with Pope Francis: general audiences (1,548,500), private audiences (87,400), liturgical celebrations in the Vatican Basilica and in St. Peter's Square (2,282,000), Angelus and Regina Coeli (2,706,000). These data refer exclusively to activities which took place within the Vatican, and do not include other events in which hundreds of thousands of faithful have gathered around the Holy Father, such as the apostolic visit to Brazil in July for World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, and visits within Italy, to Lampedusa, Cagliari and Assisi, as well as visits within the diocese of Rome. The total number of faithful who have participated in these events is estimated at 6,623,000.

The Prefecture of the Papal Household emphasises that these are approximate data calculated on the basis of requests to participate in events and invitations issued by the Prefecture. Additionally, an estimate has been given for the number of attendees at the Angelus and the major celebrations in St. Peter's Square.

Excerpt from the Message of Pope Francis for the           World Day of Peace 1st January

In this, my first Message for the World Day of Peace, I wish to offer to everyone, individuals and peoples, my best wishes for a life filled with joy and hope. In the heart of every man and woman is the desire for a full life, including that irrepressible longing for fraternity which draws us to fellowship with others and enables us to see them not as enemies or rivals, but as brothers and sisters to be accepted and embraced.

Fraternity is an essential human quality, for we are relational beings. A lively awareness of our relatedness helps us to look upon and to treat each person as a true sister or brother; without fraternity it is impossible to build a just society and a solid and lasting peace. We should remember that fraternity is generally first learned in the family, thanks above all to the responsible and complementary roles of each of its members, particularly the father and the mother. The family is the wellspring of all fraternity, and as such it is the foundation and the first pathway to peace, since, by its vocation, it is meant to spread its love to the world around it.

The ever-increasing number of interconnections and communications in today’s world makes us powerfully aware of the unity and common destiny of the nations. In the dynamics of history, and in the diversity of ethnic groups, societies and cultures, we see the seeds of a vocation to form a community composed of brothers and sisters who accept and care for one another. But this vocation is still frequently denied and ignored in a world marked by a “globalization of indifference” which makes us slowly inured to the suffering of others and closed in on ourselves.

Globalization, as Pope Benedict pointed out, makes us neighbours, but does not make us brothers. The many situations of inequality, poverty and injustice, are signs not only of a profound lack of fraternity, but also of the absence of a culture of solidarity. New ideologies, characterized by rampant individualism, egocentrism and materialistic consumerism, weaken social bonds, fuelling that “throw away” mentality which leads to contempt for, and the abandonment of, the weakest and those considered “useless”.

*********************************************************************  In his homily for Christmas, Bishop Smith reflected on the nativity accounts in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. In particular, he pointed to the genealogy of Jesus according to the two Evangelists.                                                                                While Matthew traces the origin of Jesus back to Abraham, our father in faith, Luke attributes the lineage of Adam to the infant in the manger. These two passages of Scripture set out the direct involvement of the Lord in human history, in the lives of all who bear the image and likeness of God.  That relationship with God finds its fullest expression in Jesus Christ.  He is God-with-us, God who walks with us.  Not alone is he the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, He is the God of each of us, lived out in our personal relationships with Jesus Christ. The genealogies of Jesus include saints and sinners, reminding us that all come within the ambit of God, within the embrace of God’s family.  God never abandons us even if we drift off course, even if we exclude or give little place to God in our lives.  There is always space for us within the heart and love of God.  The only ones that close the door are us.”


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