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Parish Bulletin 29th December 2013

Holy Trinity Church, Ratoath

29 December 2013

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Opening hours for the Parish Office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9.30am– 4.00pm




Priest on Duty: Fr. Brendan
Please pray for Alice Quigley (Dublin) sister of Frank Deering (Curragha Rd) and Ida Quigley (England) sister of Ken Brennan (Cabin Hill) who died during the week. May they rest in peace.
There will be no Eucharistic Adoration this Wednesday.
White Envelope collection for the week ending 15th & 22nd December €3,353.48
Many thanks for your continued support and generosity



1  29 Dec

S   The Feast of the Holy Family

5   5 Jan

S   The Second Sunday of Christmas

7. 7.00pm

R  Benny Wallace

    Tommy & Mary Wall                                     P   Patrick, Bridget, Nancy & Pat Mulvaney                                                           

7.  7.00pm

    Noel & Theresa Scally

    Patrick & Catherine O’Brien

    Christina & Christy Rooney

    Nina Madden

1   9.00am    

F  Tom, Mary & Edward Gannon

1   9.00am

Alice Quigley


1  11.00am    

F  Ann Malone

1  11.00am

F   Eileen Flinter

1  12.15pm    

F  James & Margaret Nolan

G George & Albert McAuley and deceased m members of the family.

1  12.15pm

F   Michael Eiffe

     & Brian Brazil



                  Monday           Special Intention  (9.45am)

                  Tuesday          Wedding Mass at 1.30pm (No morning Mass)

                  Wednesday     Mass at 11.00am in the Nursing Home

                  Thursday         Tom Murphy (9.45am)

                  Friday              Mass for all those on the Parish List of the Dead (9.45am)

                  Saturday          Mass at 11.00am in the Nursing Home


                                          Prayer for the New Year                                       O God of new beginnings and wonderful surprises, thank you for the gift of a new year. May it be a time of grace for me, a time to grow in faith and love, a time to renew my commitment to following Your Son, Jesus.

May it be a year of blessing for me, a time to cherish my family and friends, a time to renew my efforts at work, a time to embrace my faith more fully.

Walk with me, please, in every day and every hour of this new year, that the light of Christ might shine through me, in spite of my weaknesses and failings. Above all, may I remember this year that I am a pilgrim on the sacred path to You. Amen


We wish all our parishioners

a very happy New Year

In his traditional Urbi et Orbi Christmas message, Pope Francis dwelt on the announcement of the angels to the shepherds of Bethlehem.  Addressing the tens of thousands of pilgrims who had gathered in St Peter’s Square, the Pontiff told them, “I take up the song of the angels who appeared to the shepherds in Bethlehem on the night when Jesus was born. It is a song which unites heaven and earth, giving praise and glory to heaven, and the promise of peace to earth and all its people.” “Above all else,” the Pope said, Christmas calls us “to give glory to God, for He is good, He is faithful, He is merciful.”

The majority of the Holy Father’s message was taken up with the theme of “Peace to mankind.” Pope Francis reminded the faithful that “true peace . . . is not a balance of opposing forces,” a façade hiding conflicts and divisions. Rather “peace calls for daily commitment . . . starting from God’s gift, from the grace which He has given us in Jesus Christ.”

He called to mind children who are victims of wars, the elderly, battered women, the sick. He made particular mention of those affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria, and called on the Lord to help all sides of the conflict “to put an end to all violence and guarantee access to humanitarian aid.” Recalling the power of prayer, he expressed his happiness that followers of different religions were all praying together for peace in Syria; he also invited non-believers “to desire peace with that yearning that makes the heart grow: all united, either by prayer or by desire. But all of us, for peace!” In his remarks he also spoke about the Central African Republic, asking the Lord to bring peace to that country. He looked to South Sudan, praying that the Lord would “foster social harmony” in that land.

Pope Francis invoked the “Prince of Peace” to lead people to give up their arms and “undertake the path of dialogue,” mentioning especially Nigeria and the Holy Land. And he prayed the God would “heal the wounds of the beloved country of Iraq, once more struck by frequent acts of violence.”

The Holy Father also asked God to “protect all who are persecuted for your name” and prayed for peace and consolation for the displaced and for refugees, especially in the Horn of Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. And he expressed the hope that “tragedies like those we have witnessed this year, with so many deaths at Lampedusa, never occur again.”

He prayed the “Child of Bethlehem” to “touch the hearts of all those engaged in human trafficking,” which he called a crime against humanity. Pope Francis also recalled the many children who are victims of armed conflicts, especially those forced to become child soldiers.

Finally, Pope Francis called on God to protect the earth, “frequently exploited by human greed and rapacity.” And he asked God to help and protect victims of natural disasters, especially those in the Philippines, the victims of the recent typhoon.

Pope Francis concluded his message with an appeal to allow our hearts to be touched by God. “Dear brothers and sisters, today, in this world, in this humanity, is born the Saviour, who is Christ the Lord. Let us pause before the Child of Bethlehem. Let us allow our hearts to be touched, let us not fear this. Let us not fear that our hearts be moved. We need this! Let us allow ourselves to be warmed by the tenderness of God; we need his caress. God’s caresses do not harm us. They give us peace and strength. We need his caresses. God is full of love: to him be praise and glory forever! God is peace: let us ask him to help us to be peacemakers each day, in our life, in our families, in our cities and nations, in the whole world. Let us allow ourselves to be moved by God’s goodness.”

After concluding his Christmas Message, the Holy Father imparted the Urbi et Orbi Blessing to the faithful gathered in St Peter’s Square, and to all those listening to his words via all the modern means of communications. Having delivered his Blessing, Pope Francis wished everyone throughout the world a Merry Christmas.


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