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Parish Bulletin 7th July 2013


Holy Trinity Church, Ratoath


7 July 2013


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Opening hours for the Parish Office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9.30am– 4.00pm








Priest on Duty: Fr. Gerry  
Congratulations to Karla Dooley and Brendan Begley who were married during the week.
Eucharistic Adoration, every Wednesday from 10.00am to 10.00pm. All welcome
There will be no 12.15pm Mass on Sunday 4th August
A meeting for parents who have children for baptism in the near future will take place in the Parish Pastoral Centre on Wednesday 10th July at 8.00pm. 




The World Youth Day International Meeting of young Catholics and the Pope is taking place at the end of July in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It will be the first encounter for Pope Francis with the youth of the Church and is even more significant now that it is a South American Pope gathering for WYD in a South American city.  However due to the distance and the costs of travelling not many are able to attend from Ireland. We invite the young people (+18years) of the Meath Diocese to gather in Mullingar, to join in the celebrating of this major Church event, for a live screening of the World Youth Day Prayer Vigil on the evening of Saturday 27th July. We especially want also to invite people living in the diocese from Brazil to come and join with us. More details to follow in coming weeks.




The Meath Branch of the Alzheimer Society holds its Alzheimer Café on Monday July 8th at Pillo Hotel, Ashbourne from 2pm to 4 pm. All suffering from Dementia, carers and families welcome




7 July

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

14 July

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time



 John & Margaret Johnson

& Anthony & Mary Rafferty

Vigil 7.00pm

 Dorothea Mates

& Miley & Kathleen Byrne


Michael, James, Rose,Alice & Bobby Doran

& Mary, Tom & Edward Gannon




Deceased members of the Boshell family & Martin Dolan


Kevin White


Ray Lyons (Months Mind)

& Tommy & Bridie Dolan

& Gerry O’Reilly


Patsy & Agnes McCabe

& Fran & Wesley Geraghty

& Sarah Browne






Monday    Special Intention                 Wednesday   Sheila O’Donnell          Thursday   Special Intention


Friday        Eileen Scannell & deceased members of the family     Saturday       No morning Mass




                                      Dates for the Diary 2014


Confirmation                 28th March 11.00am and 3.00pm


First Communion           Ratoath Junior National School    10th May

                                   St. Paul’s National School             17th May

                                   Rathbeggan National School         24th May




Annual Triduum to St Camillus (Patron of the Sick and Carers) at St Camillus, Killucan, Co. Westmeath from 11th to 13th July, 6pm to 8pm with Veneration of the Relics of the Saint, Confessions,  Prayers for the S ick at 6.15pm & Mass at 7pm. Sunday 14 July (Feast of St Camillus) - Mass at 10.30 am and Night Vigil from 10 pm to 2 am with candle light procession and blessing of the sick.               


                                           Choose Life 2013                                           Abortion Legislation: This Bill will provide the widest possible legal justification for deliberately and intentionally destroying the life of the unborn child, with no time limits and no mechanism for ensuring that the right to life of the unborn is adequately vindicated as required by Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution. In practice, the right to life of the unborn child will no longer be treated as equal.  The wording of this Bill is so vague that ever wider access to abortion can be easily facilitated.  The intention to pursue this wider access has already been publicly indicated by some.  This Bill represents a legislative and political ‘Trojan Horse’ which heralds a much more liberal and aggressive abortion regime in Ireland.


Medical evidence does not support the view that abortion is an appropriate treatment for expectant mothers with suicidal feelings.  Mothers in these situations deserve the best professional care and support that can be provided.  As well as involving the deliberate killing of an unborn child, this Bill by promoting abortion risks creating the very symptoms of suicidal feelings it claims to address.


Moreover, the Bill makes it lawful to induce the premature delivery of an unborn child in response to the suicidal feelings of a mother, foreseeably exposing that child to the risk of serious and permanent damage to her or his health.  Where a child is perhaps only days away from viability, the Bill is silent on whether the child will be killed or delivered with serious risk to the health of the child.  Where are the mechanisms to vindicate the Constitutional right to life of the child in these circumstances?  How can an act which involves serious risk to the health of a child be reconciled with the State’s duty in Article 42A of the Constitution to ensure that in all decisions the welfare of the child will be ‘the paramount consideration’?                                                                                                         (Cardinal Sean Brady)


************************************************************************************Bishop Smith celebrated the annual Mass in honour of Oliver Plunkett                 in the grounds of the saint’s birthplace on Sunday 30 June.


In his homily, Bishop Smith reflected on the quality of service which St Oliver Plunkett gave to his Church and country. 


“St Oliver was a person and a priest of the utmost integrity. He sought to live out the vocation he has accepted with fidelity even unto death. He could have saved his life by compromising and accepting offers made to him. However these would have compromised the integrity of his commitment to his vocation and violated his conscience.




The example of St Oliver is striking in these times when compromise, following current fashion and media hype are much in vogue. This is especially so on the issue at present before the Dáil, touching the most fundamental of all rights, the right to life.                        A refusal to engage with the serious issues involved, media distortion and misrepresentation, the imposition of a party whip that ignores conscience all demean the discussion.                 Is party unity more important than a decision to enshrine the taking of the life of the innocent unborn child in our laws?                                                                                    This decision will, over the decades, have profound consequences for life and society.




When St Oliver had difficult decisions to make, he was not swayed by personal convenience or social pressures, an example that is much absent in these times when opinion polls take precedence over those fundamental moral principles that give cohesion and substance to life and to society.”



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