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Holy Trinity Church, Ratoath


26 May 2013


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Opening hours for the Parish Office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9.30am– 4.00pm








Priest on Duty: Fr. Gerry  
Congratulations to Noah Reynolds (Clontarf) who was baptised recently. 
This Sunday (Trinity Sunday) is a blue offering day.
There will be no morning Mass (Monday to Thursday) this week and no Eucharist Adoration on Wednesday. Mass will be celebrated in Ashbourne and Dunshaughlin at 10.00am each morning. 


The Feast of Corpus Christi (The Body and Blood of Christ) Sunday 2nd June
Because of the link between Faith and Eucharist one of the celebrations planned for the Year of Faith is an Hour of Eucharistic Adoration, presided over by Pope Francis, in St Peter's Basilica on the afternoon of June 2th.  
Pope Francis has asked that a similar hour of Adoration be organised in every Cathedral in the world at the same time and also in all parish Churches.  
Consequently there will be an Hour of Adoration in our church from 7.00pm to 8.00pm next Sunday, the feast of Corpus Christi (The Body and Blood of Christ).  
We encourage parishioners to take part in this Eucharistic Adoration praying in solidarity with Pope Francis.  


Lough Derg: Three day pilgrimage every day from Friday 31st May until Tuesday 31st August. Contact  the Lough Derg office on 071 9861518 email: 
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The National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church will publish its annual report in the coming days.  We  express our thanks to the volunteers and parents who help ensure that children enjoy their participation in parish activities.  We also wish to say “thank you” to the children’s choir and the altar servers for the part they play in parish life.


Thanks to all who supported the Alzheimers Tea Day at Fox Lodge which raised €1,300, M Ryan


Vigil for Life: Merrion Square on Saturday 8 June 3.00 -4.00 pm. Bus will leave Dunshaughlin at 1.00pm Contact Noreen Vesey 085 827 4558.


Dunboyne Community Employment has the following vacancies. Retail assistant  also Childcare assistant required,  Dunshaughlin area. Garda clearance required. Please contact. Danny Gaughan at 087-2626727  email; 
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26 May

The Most Holy Trinity

2 June

Corpus Christi



Shevlin & Joyce families

Padraig O’Malley & deceased members of the family

Vigil 7.00pm

 Vonnie & Ben Cullen

& James, Agnes & Kate Rooney


Rita Stenson & Michael Brady


Michael Coakley


 Desmond & Julia Toole

Bobbie Smithers & deceased members of Smithers & Milton families & Frank Mason


 Paddy & Mary Walsh & deceased members of Nulty & Walsh family

& Andy & Sean Eiffe


Mark Stanley & Maureen Moran

& Rose Hickey


Alice & Michael Hatch

& Laurence Colpey


 Saturday    Mass in Nursing Home 11.00am


In a spontaneous, unscripted question and answer session on Saturday 25th May, Pope Francis gave a small ‘fraternal reproach’ to the crowd.  “All of you in the square shouted out: "Francis, Francis, Pope Francis " ... But, where was Jesus? I want to hear you shout out. "Jesus, Jesus is Lord, and He is in our midst." From now on, no more "Francis", only "Jesus". Alright?”


The Pope was answering a question about how to communicate faith in today’s world, which he responded to with three words: Jesus, prayer and witness.


Jesus was to be the cry of the crowds, not Francis, and prayer was letting the Lord gaze on you. Sometimes he nodded off before the Tabernacle, he confided to 200,000 members of 150 new ecclesial movements and communities.  “It’s true, because the strains of the day’s work makes you fall asleep. But He understands me. I feel so much comfort when I think that He is looking at me. We think that we have to pray, talk, talk, talk ... No! Just let the Lord gaze at you.”  Then the important thing was to “allow ourselves be guided by Him,” he said.


On witness, the pope said, witness was love.  “The faith can only be communicated through witness and that is through love. Not with our ideas, but by living the Gospel in our own lives, which the Holy Spirit breathes within us.”


Asked  how he was able to achieve ‘certainty’ in his faith, the pope said his grandmother had a profound effect on him, and that God always put people alongside us who helped us in the journey of faith.  His grandmother used to take him to a candle light procession on Good Friday.  At the end we would arrive before the recumbent Christ, and my grandmother made us - us kids - kneel down and she would say: ‘Look, He is dead, but tomorrow he will Rise up!’ I received my first Christian proclamation (...)  from my grandmother.” 


In answer to a question about living “as a poor Church”,  Pope Francis said the Church was not a political movement, or an NGO.  To be the salt of the earth, he said called for  “our witness of fraternal love, solidarity, sharing.”


He said the world was passing through a human and cultural crisis.  The danger was that Christians could lock themselves  up “inside our parish, among our friends, in our movement, with people who think the same as we do”.   But, he said “a  Church that is closed in on itself is ... a sick Church, and he appealed once again for Catholics to go “towards the existential outskirts, even if that means risking accidents along the way, in the outward journey.” We have to make our faith a culture of encounter and of friendship. “We cannot become starched Christians, who speak of theology calmly over tea.”


Lamenting that the death of a homeless person, or people dying of starvation were not news, whereas “if investments in banks, drop a little , it’s a tragedy” he called on people to “embrace the flesh of Christ,” and that meant giving alms, looking the person in the eye, and touching their hands.  


Finally in answer to a question about supporting those who are persecuted for the faith, the Pope said two virtues were needed to proclaim the Gospel: courage and patience.


At the end of the vigil, a chant of "Long live the Pope!" quickly became "Jesus, Jesus!"


Invitation to Ratoath Foroige Youth Club Registration and Open Night: Scouts Den on 28th May at 7.30pm Come along and meet last year’s finalists of the TV3 youth citizenship awards. We are also looking for adult volunteers leaders to help with the club. Training will be provided. This is a opportunity to have some fun and also to give something back to your community. Please contact Roseina Murphy 086 827 1196 or Mary Redmond 086 409 7044.                                            




Ratoath College will run their Bill Nye Activity Guy Camp again this year for all students from Junior Infants up to 3rd class. It will be held in the Scout's Den in Ratoath from Monday 1st July to Friday 5th of July from 9:30a.m. to 2:00p.m.  This is a hands-one, interactive, problem solving, skill-building week of activities. It is €70 per student.  Contact Ursula Hynes on 087/9918257 for details.


GAA lotto results no winner. Next week’s jackpot is €7500.00.



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