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Parish Bulletin 16th December 2012

Holy Trinity Church, Ratoath

16 December 2012

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Opening hours for the Parish Office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9.30am– 4.00pm




Priest on Duty: Fr. Gerry  

Congratulations to Caimin O’Neill (Hollystown) and to Alex and Sienna Silke (Jamestown Park)

who were baptised recently.  


                      Confessions for Christmas – this Sunday evening


A penitential service for Christmas will be held in the Parish Church on this Sunday 16th December at 8.00pm. A number of priests from the neighbouring parishes will be assisting us. We encourage you to avail of this opportunity to seek the mercy and forgiveness of God.


                                                Parish Carol Service

Parish Carol Service led by the Children’s Choir will be held on Wednesday 19th December at 7.00pm. An evening of Carols and Reflection in preparation for Christmas. All welcome.



                                                           Christmas Masses                                                                                    Christmas Eve 5.00pm; 7.00pm and 9.00pm                                                                                         Christmas Day 9.00am; 11.00am and 12.15pm

In his first tweet on 12 December, Pope Benedict, using the handle @pontifex, sent a blessing to the one million people who have signed up to be his ‘followers’ since the papal Twitter account was opened a week ago.                                                                                                     "Dear friends, I am pleased to get in touch with you through Twitter. Thank you for your generous response. I bless all of you from my heart," were the first words sent by Benedict XVI.
The Pope used a tablet to send his first tweet, which displayed on a large screen in the audience hall. The message was transmitted in eight languages.

The sick and the housebound will be attended to on Friday of this week.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela). This Christmas consider the gift of school fees to children in Zimbabwe. For €30 Trocaire can give a vulnerable child a chance to create a real future for themselves

Free entry for Over 60’s to Craft of Christmas at Tayto Park on 16th, 21st & 22nd December, 11am to 5pm. Visit for more info


Ratoath Musical Society (RMS) Children's Christmas Disco is on Friday 21st December for ages 6 - 12 in The Venue Theatre.  SANTA visit at 7:30pm. Ages 6 - 8 years 6:30pm – 8pm, 9 - 12 years 7:30pm  –  9:30pm.  Admission €6.00 - A fully supervised event and we hope to see you all there. 

Don’t be home alone this Christmas if you would like some company. Senior Help Line is a national confidential telephone listening service for older people provided by trained older volunteers. We are open every day over Christmas, including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, from 10 am to 10pm, (closed Christmas evening from 7-10pm).  All calls are treated as strictly confidential. LoCall 1850 440 444.

Statement by the Standing Committee of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference on the equal and inalienable right to life of a mother and her unborn child


The death of Mrs Savita Halappanavar and her unborn child in University Hospital Galway on the 28 October last was a devastating personal tragedy for her husband and family.  It has stunned our country.  We share the anguish and sorrow expressed by so many at the tragic loss of a mother and her baby in these circumstances and we express our sympathy to the family of Mrs Halappanavar and all those affected by these events.


In light of the widespread discussion following the tragic death of Mrs Halappanavar and her unborn baby, we wish to reaffirm some aspects of Catholic moral teaching. These were set out in our recently published Day for Life message on 7 October last, available on :


  • The Catholic Church has never taught that the life of a child in the womb should be preferred to that of a mother.  By virtue of their common humanity a mother and her unborn baby are both sacred with an equal right to life.


  • Where a seriously ill pregnant woman needs medical treatment which may put the life of her baby at risk, such treatments are ethically permissible provided every effort has been made to save the life of both the mother and her baby.


  • Whereas abortion is the direct and intentional destruction of an unborn baby and is gravely immoral in all circumstances, this is different from medical treatments which do not directly and intentionally seek to end the life of the unborn baby.  Current law and medical guidelines in Ireland allow nurses and doctors in Irish hospitals to apply this vital distinction in practice while upholding the equal right to life of both a mother and her unborn baby.


  • Some would claim that the unborn baby is less human or less deserving of life.  Advances in genetics and technology make it clear that at fertilisation a new, unique and genetically complete human being comes into existence.  From that moment onwards each of us did not grow and develop into a human being, but grew and developed as a human being.


With many other religious and ethical traditions we believe in upholding the equal and inalienable right to life of a mother and her unborn child in our laws and medical practice.  This helps to ensure that women and babies receive the highest standard of care and protection during pregnancy.  Indeed, international statistics confirm that Ireland, without abortion, remains one of the safest countries in the world in which to be pregnant and to give birth.  This is a position that should continue to be cherished and strengthened in the interests of mothers and unborn children in Ireland.


16 Dec

Third Sunday of Advent        

23 Dec

Fourth Sunday of Advent



John & Margaret Donnelly & Ella Smith & Patrick Murphy &

Raymond, Patrick & Teeny Brennan

Vigil 7.00pm

Maura McLoughlin & Aubrey & Patrick McAuley & deceased members of Carty & McAuley family


Bridget & Joseph Gallagher

& Laurence Clifford


Jack & Elizabeth Ryan


Derek Walker (Months Mind) and deceased members of his family

Chrissie Furman

Tom & Lil Coyne


Elizabeth & Charles Keogh & deceased members of the family


Joe & Pat Everard & Eddie Smith

& Eileen Fernandes


Kevin White & Patrick Kelly

& John & Paul Ennis




         Tuesday       Patrick Everard       Wednesday   Sean, Kathleen, & Robert Murray

         Thursday       Martin Kerrigan      Friday   Mary Smith        



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