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Parish Bulletin 28th December 2008
Holy Trinity Church, Ratoath28 December 2008
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Opening hours for the Parish Office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9.30am– 4.00pm

 Eucharistic Adoration will resume on Wednesday 7th January. Ratoath Folk Group CD for charity “Voices for Chifani” is for sale in the Parish Office for €15.00 and all proceeds will go to the Zambian Immersion programme. The Charity is building a training centre in Kasama for young girls. Your support will make a difference. Ratoath Heritage Group present their book “Ratoath Past and Present” which will be on sale from 19th January 2009. For more information see www.ratoathheritage.ie7 
28 DecThe Feast of the Holy Family  4 Jan Second Sunday after Christmas
Vigil 7.00pmCharles & Elizabeth KeoghMargaret & John Donnelly & Ella SmithVigil 7.00pmPaddy Kelly
& Paudie Kelly
9.00amBenny Wallace9.00amThomas & Mary Wall
11.00amTom & Mary Gannon& Margaret & James Nolan11.00am Stasia Duffy (Ballybin)& Tom Murphy
12.15pmJohn Paul Ennis& Theresa & Patrick Gorman12.15pmTom Coyne& Alex & Mary O’Neill
 Monday            Mass in the Parish Church at 9.45am              Tuesday and Wednesday       No MassThursday          New Year’s Day Mass at 11.00am in the Nursing HomeFriday              Mass at 11.00am in the Nursing HomeSaturday          No morning Mass******************************************************************************************************* This is the month, and this is the happy mornWherein the son of heav’ns eternal King, of wedded Maid, and Virgin Mother bornOur great redemption from above did bring.                                                             John Milton   “On the morning of Christ’s nativity”***************************************************************************************** O sweet child of Bethlehem, grant that we may share with all our hearts in this profound mystery of Christmas. Put into the hearts of men and women this peace for which they sometimes seek so desperately and which you alone can give to them. Reveal to them also your beauty, holiness and purity. Awaken in their hearts loveand gratitude for your infinite goodness. Join them all together in your love.And give to us your heavenly peace.  Amen.                                                                                                                          Pope John XXIII       Christmas Prayer***************************************************************************************** Christ is here, Emmanual!Majesty so mild;Wisdom dwells with grace and truth,Hidden in this Child.                                                       Stanbrook Abbey Hymnal***************************************************************************************** We wish all our parishioners a Happy New Year. Some short excerpts from the homilies of Pope Benedict during the year. Heaven does not belong to the geography of space, but to the geography of the heart. And the heart of God, during the Holy Night stooped down to the stable; the humility of God is Heaven. And if we approach this humility, then we touch Heaven. Then the Earth too is made new. With the humility of the shepherds let us set out, during this Holy Night, towards the child in the stable! Let us touch God’s humility, God’s heart. Then His joy will touch us and make the world more radiant’.                      (Midnight Mass, Christmas 2007)****************************************************Christmas is the privileged opportunity to contemplate the meaning and value of our existence. The nearness of this solemnity helps us to reflect, on the one hand, on the dramatic nature of a history in which human beings, wounded by sin, are perennially seeking happiness and a reason for living and dying; on the other hand, it exhorts us to contemplate the merciful goodness of God, who came to meet humanity that He might communicate the saving Truth to us directly and make us to participate in His friendship and His life.                                                                                                                     (December 2008)***************************************************************************************** ‘Jesus came to restore beauty and dignity to creation, to the universe; that is what began at Christmas and makes the angels rejoice. The Earth is restored to good order by virtue of the fact that it is opened up to God. It obtains its true light anew, and in the harmony between human will and divine will, in the unification of height and depth, it regains its beauty and dignity. Thus Christmas is a feast of restored creation’             (Christmas 2007)*****************************************************************************************  ‘The novelty of Christian proclamation does not consist in a thought. But in a deed: God has revealed Himself. Yet this is no blind deed but one that is itself Logos – the presence of eternal reason in our flesh (Verbum caro factum est – the Word was made flesh). Amid what is made (factum) there is now Logos. Creation is rational. Naturally, the humility of reason is always needed, in order to accept it: man’s humility which responds to God’s humility                                                                                                        (Paris 2008)***************************************************************************************** ‘Quaerere Deum’ – to seek God and to let oneself by found by Him, that is today no less necessary than in former times. A purely positivistic culture which tried to drive the question of God into the subjective realm, as being unscientific, would be a capitulation of reason, the renunciation of its highest possibilities, and hence a disaster for humanity, with very grave consequences. What gave Europe’s culture its foundation – the search for God and the readiness to listen to Him – remains today the basis of any genuine culture’.                                                                                      (Paris 2008)*****************************************************************************************  ‘Humanly speaking, the word, my human word, is almost nothing in reality, a breath. As soon as it is pronounced it disappears. It seems to be nothing. But already the human word has incredible power. Words create history, words form thoughts, the thoughts that create the word. It is the word that forms history, reality. Furthermore, the Word of God is the foundation of everything, it is the true reality. We must change our idea that matter, solid things, things we can touch, are the more solid, the more certain reality’.         (Rome 2008)

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