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Parish Bulletin 4th May 2008

   Holy Trinity Church, Ratoath 

4th May 2008

( 01 8256207

Opening hours for the Parish Office:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9.30am– 4.00pm

  Cemetery Sunday will take place this year on Sunday 25th May at 5.00pm 

The Children’s Liturgy Committee  

will meet on Wednesday 7th May at 8.00pm in the Parish Pastoral Centre.  You are invited to attend an Information Evening in the offices in Dundalk on

13th May. Address, 14, Jocelyn Street, Dundalk.Phone 042 9332010 email:

  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Bingo every Sunday Night in the GAA clubhouse Brownstown at 8.30pm


Clann Mor (Providing Residential Housing for people with special needs) would like to thank everyone who supported their recent church gate collection which raised €894.74. Many Thanks.


Congratulations to Dylan Taylor ( Moulden Bridge),

Alex Knowles ( Milltree Park),  Lauren Dolan (Seagrave Park),

Sarah Bergan ( Somerville), Aria Kinsella (Somerville),

Aoife O’Beara (Moulden Bridge) and Katie Burke (Somerville)

who were baptised recently.


4 May

Ascension Sunday

11 May

Pentecost Sunday



Margaret McGovern

& Dymphna Mills

Vigil 7.00pm

Jack Dorney

& Mick O’Mahony


Joseph Lawlor

& Maureen Carroll


Susan Timmins


Bridget McIntyre & David Conmey

& Brian Kelly


Thomas O’Flaherty


Bridget Colfer

& Daniel & Sarah Eiffe


David Mulvaney

 Monday           Mass in Nursing Home at 11.00amTuesday           Michael MurphySaturday          No morning Mass***************************************************************************************  Thought for the Day



There’s a story told about a tourist who visited a small village in western Africa. She saw on her walk around a collection of television sets stacked four deep in a hut at the end of the village. This same village had received electricity just a few years earlier. No doubt some manufacturer had presented the people with the essential TV’s. But the tourist was obviously confused by the fact that they were not used and so she went to talk to the village chief. She asked him, “Why don’t your people use the television sets.” The chief replied, “We have our storyteller.” But she replied, “Maybe so, but the television has the capacity for thousands of stories.” “That’s true”, said the chief, “but our storyteller knows us.”

Nothing can compete with those who know our story best. The Gospels are a collection of stories about Jesus. Like the storyteller above, he knows us better than anyone else. Nothing can replace the intimacy, love and understanding he brings to all our lives.





 Excerpt from the Pope’s address to the members of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organisation in New York on Friday 18th April  As Pope John Paul II expressed it in 1995, the Organization should be “a moral centre where all the nations of the world feel at home and develop a shared awareness of being, as it were, a ‘family of nations’” … The founding principles of the Organization – the desire for peace, the quest for justice, respect for the dignity of the person, humanitarian cooperation and assistance – express the just aspirations of the human spirit, and constitute the ideals which should underpin international relations… My presence at this Assembly is a sign of esteem for the United Nations, and it is intended to express the hope that the Organization will increasingly serve as a sign of unity between States and an instrument of service to the entire human family. It also demonstrates the willingness of the Catholic Church to offer her proper contribution to building international relations in a way that allows every person and every people to feel they can make a difference. In a manner that is consistent with her contribution in the ethical and moral sphere and the free activity of her faithful, the Church also works for the realization of these goals through the international activity of the Holy See. Indeed, the Holy See has always had a place at the assemblies of the Nations, thereby manifesting its specific character as a subject in the international domain. As the United Nations recently confirmed, the Holy See thereby makes its contribution according to the dispositions of international law, helps to define that law, and makes appeal to it. The United Nations remains a privileged setting in which the Church is committed to contributing her experience “of humanity”, developed over the centuries among peoples of every race and culture, and placing it at the disposal of all members of the international community. This experience and activity, directed towards attaining freedom for every believer, seeks also to increase the protection given to the rights of the person. Those rights are grounded and shaped by the transcendent nature of the person, which permits men and women to pursue their journey of faith and their search for God in this world. Recognition of this dimension must be strengthened if we are to sustain humanity’s hope for a better world and if we are to create the conditions for peace, development, cooperation, and guarantee of rights for future generations.
In my recent Encyclical, Spe Salvi, I indicated that “every generation has the task of engaging anew in the arduous search for the right way to order human affairs”.For Christians, this task is motivated by the hope drawn from the saving work of Jesus Christ. That is why the Church is happy to be associated with the activity of this distinguished Organization, charged with the responsibility of promoting peace and good will throughout the earth.   

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