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Policy on Ratoath Parish Cemetery

Cemetery Plots


Plots are available

  1. Double plots (10 ft long by 7½ feet wide) €400
  2. Single plots (10 ft long by 3¾ feet wide) €200


  1. There is no pre-booking of plots in the parish cemetery.
  2. Plots are sold in sequence, (a family receives the next plot in line)
  3. Plots are only sold to people living in the parish.
  4. Double plots are 10 feet long and must be between 7¼ and 7½ feet wide in total. i.e. the outer limit for grave side kerbs must not exceed 7½ feet. In the case of single plots the grave side kerbs must not be more than 3¾ feet in width.
  5. Those erecting cemetery monuments must take good care not to damage any other plots in the cemetery. They should also ensure that they remove pieces of stone or cement etc from the cemetery when completing their work.
  6. All monumental workers should contact the Parish Office before commencement of work.
  7. Any monument erected or any work carried out on a monument may only be done by people who have produced proof of insurance
  8. The policy will be reviewed periodically.

Date: 14th December 2001

Amended by the Finance Committee on 17th October 2005


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